Link Block Creator


PressRoom™  makes organize the links that you want to display in your press room.  Use this easy interface to create lists of email addresses within your company, links to product reviews, or any other web address, either inside or outside of your website. You can choose the rel=”nofollow” attribute for  any of your links.

link block creator on PressRoom by NewswireView Sample Link Block on PressRoom page

Link Block Creator on PressRoom by Newswire

Link Block Creator – Click to enlarge

Link Block Creator Options

Want more flexibility?  Use the html view in the Add Text Block interface to create lists of links formatted in any way imaginable. You can set the order of all PressRoom™ blocks by dragging and dropping objects in the All PressRoom Blocks link from your dashboard. Your new Quote Block will also be available as a widget that you can place anywhere else on your website.